Nicodemus and Jesus: Obedience to the Son of God  and Eternal Life

Nicodemus and Jesus: Obedience to the Son of God and Eternal Life

John 3: 31-36

Jesus gives us the wholeness of life, and generously specifically blesses us with the gift of discernment, that we may listen and understand the Holy Spirit communicating to our minds. Thus allowing us to may take action through our physical bodies. Jesus does things this way so that we may not do things the other way around, i.e., taking action first and then trying to discern the spirit of the situation.

To fully benefit from this blessing, we must believe in the gifts of the Lord. Our whole being and lifestyle should witness that He is Lord, and He is above all. This we can do by recognising the communications of God-Fathers words given to us through Jesus. Jesus who is God and Son, shares with us what he saw of the Father, and accordingly written in the Gospels, and by extensions in the rest of the Bible. Jesus has been exalted over all of creation by the Father and everything is under his power and authority. Thus, Jesus has then become the doorway to eternal life, for he imparts the truth that he has seen in the Fathers’ presence and also provides us the understanding of how to receive eternal life, by accepting the truths that he shares with us and also by walking the path that he guides us to.

Thus, all of us who accept Jesus as Lord and God and live our lives according to his instructions have eternal life. Those of us we give a Jesus a miss, i.e. reject Jesus as God and Lord, or accept that we can do without Jesus in our lives, will fail to understand the problems in life and how to engage them to have eternal life. Thus, they will have doomed their own selves.

When we are obedient to Jesus, our hearts, minds and spirit will be filled with patience, ever loving caring and we will enjoy His eternal presence/blessing, as we allow Jesus to increase in us. Let us then desire to worship the Lord in spirit and truth and pray that the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us, making us God’s Temple.

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