Nicodemus and Jesus: God’s abundant Love

Nicodemus and Jesus: God’s abundant Love

John 3: 16-21

God is Love and he has poured out his abundant love for us in and through Jesus. And what is significant is this, that he did all this while we were still sinners. We see this in Jesus’ self-sacrifice for us.

It is God’s desire that none of his children should perish but all enter into eternal life, ie. his presence. And Jesus came precisely to do this, not to judge the world, but to save it by opening the doorway that was closed to man – making it impossible for man to enter God’s presence.

But the crux of the matter is that Abba Father has given us a free will, which he never trespasses on or take away from man. And within what Jesus achieved for us on the cross, we are left with two choices; choose the path of light or darkness.

1) Light is the path to eternal life in and through our faith in Jesus – the new doorway to God.

2) Darkness on the other hand is the choice not to believe and go through the doorway i.e. Jesus. 

This results in us languishing/staying where we are and away from everything God wishes to bless us with or from the help he desires to extend to us. This is eternal damnation which we bring upon ourselves through unbelief in Jesus Christ. This in turn leads us to disobedience and evil, out of our own ignorance and pride.

Within the context of the entire chapter (John 3), what Jesus is saying is that he is not interested in pointing fingers, sorting out who is worthy or unworthy, but he is more interested in waiting with arms wide open, to receive us in God’s Presence, no questions asked. That he will satisfy everyone who comes to him. 

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