Mary’s Song of Praise


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Fourth Week Of Advent

Luke 1:46-56

Mary’s Magnificat echoes her desire for God, and how God is fulfilling her desire; by completing His promise to redeem humanity by bringing it back in His presence. God has honoured her, in making her the mother of Israel’s God-Messiah. The very one for whom the Jewish Nation was longing for, waiting for to come.

God has been patient, merciful and steadfast in His Love of Israel, though it has rejected Him or run away from Him, over and over again. He has been faithful to His Covenant with Abraham. God finally is coming to take up His Throne amongst His people and bless all humanity.

Thrilled as Mary is, she disregards the difficulties she will be facing, and rejoices for Israel and all Humanity. In her way, she has accepted the cross of Scorn and Ridicule, that will come Her way, trusting God to work out everything.

We need to imitate Mary and get into a working relationship with God. This means trusting that he walks with us, so we need to react accordingly, knowing he directs our paths to all goodness. So we too sing praises to God and extoll Him for the wonders he is doing in our life.

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