Mary Magdalene’s Testimony of the Empty Tomb


Reflection on the Gospel of Thursday In The Sixteenth Week In Ordinary Time

John 20:1-2, 11-18


The Risen Lord is giving each and every one of us a unique experience, for Leaders and for the simple and common people. As seen in this passage, for Simon Peter and the other disciples He had something different in store, and for Mary Magdalene something a little different. The focus is how do we reciprocate with our experiences and calling.

Jesus is risen, alive and with us today. He is comforting us, caring for us and talking with us in various ways, but we are deaf to his voice. Jesus is humble and meek and at several phases of our life He directly communicates with us. He inquires with us about are concerns and fears, like He asked Mary Magdalene, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’ And like her we fail to recognise Him for we are lost in our own anxiety. Let us then open our eyes and ears and actively see and listen to for Jesus who is besides us. Todays reading guides us not to seek and wait for unique experiences like that of Mary Magdalene, but rather like her to go and share our experience of the Risen Lord to all. Let us share with others our own experience of the moments we sensed God walking with you, communicating ideas and directions with you and his act of caring for you. And in this way share the Resurrected Christ, and again with Mary Magdalene proclaim, “I have seen the Lord.”

Holy Spirit prompt me, guide me, help me to listen and recognise God’s voice in my life.

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