Mary Anoints Jesus and the Plot to Kill Lazarus

Mary Anoints Jesus and the Plot to Kill Lazarus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In Holy Week


John 12: 1-11

The Passover Feast was nearing and Jesus was aware that he would be taken captive and so wanted to spend some time with his close friends.  He could not go back to his home town as they had rejected him.  His best friend of his childhood, Lazarus whom he had brought to life welcomed him and while his sister Martha prepared supper, his other sister anointed Jesus’ feet with costly fragrance.  Mary knew that Jesus was the son of God and believed that he was the messiah whom they had been waiting for many years.  She wanted to express her gratitude and glory to the King of kings.  But this does not go well with Judas, who was the treasurer of Jesus’ ministry and as informed was not honest with the finance he managed. Judas measured everything in money and for sure he was waiting for Jesus to be enthroned a King soon and he would continue to handle the finance.  He suggested that the perfume if sold in the market could fetch 300 denarii.  

Jesus knowing the sentiments of Mary did not stop her from anointing him cause she had understood that Jesus was not just the king of the Jews but of the Universe, she saw his divinity. Jesus replies to Judas saying that Mary could keep the balance perfume to be used during his burial as was the Jewish custom.

Crowds followed Jesus to Lazarus house not just to meet Jesus but to have a look at Lazarus for may be Lazarus was in hiding as crowds were pestering him due to his popularity after being raised from the dead and also hiding from the Jewish Leaders and Priest who were plotting to kill Lazarus as his resurrection was increasing Jesus’ popularity which they were afraid of.

Lord Jesus help us to know your Divinity and Humanity and give you the due praise, glory and honor.  Give us the wisdom like Mary and courage to do what our hearts says.

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