Love one another as I have loved you

Love one another as I have loved you


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Fifth Week Of Easter


John 15: 12-17

The New Commandment of Love summarises the message of the entire Gospel.  Jesus loved us by laying down his life for us. To love as Jesus did means to love our neighbour unconditionally. We need to receive from the source of all love (Jesus) the ability to love selflessly.  For this we have to first share in his thinking. We must become Jesus’ friends. A servant does not have a friendship with his master but Jesus made it clear that the Apostles were his friends. The Apostles are truly friends because Jesus has made known to them all that he has heard from the Father. Jesus reminds the Apostles that they did not choose him but he chose them to bear fruit and that he hopes their fruit will remain. Jesus called the Apostles once again to pray to the Father in his name.

Lord Jesus, thank you for choosing me as your friend. I rejoice in your friendship and in the transformation that your Spirit brings about in my life. I commit myself to you, to serve you, and to obey you as long as I live.

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