Judging Others

Judging Others


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Second Week Of Lent


Luke 6: 36-38

The extended Law of Moses, taught an eye for an eye, is this the message of today’s Gospel? Is this what God indulges in, himself? Reading the Bible Text at face value is dangerous. Because of the possible of arriving at such erroneous understanding, what we propose in our studies is that we need to understand and appreciate who God is first, before we introduce them to the Bible.

If we read today’s text at face value, we get into the danger of making God who he is not. He is not petty and does not relate to us in the equal measure of our obedience of Him or His instructions. He is love, steadfast, unchanging and everlasting. He is good and all powerful and omniscience. So who He is does not match the face value meaning we get at reading today’s Gospel Reading . So why is Jesus asking us to do things, to get an equal proportion of the same in return? The simple truth here is that we have bound ourselves in many ways. And we in accommodating others, are freeing ourselves.  If we decide to look at life and living, in black and white, that is the way we have set ourselves to judge our own actions, and the bitterness of such actions destroys us.

Jesus then is inviting us to open our lives and outlooks, to the very real possibility of living our lives, looking at things being right or wrong, but He wants us to invite God, to live with us in every moment of out lives. If Jesus is with us, would we worry about anything? Would we not be at the top of the world, without any care and doubt of anything. This will be so because we will know Jesus will fill in the blanks in  our lives, where we are lacking. Provide where we are in want. Heal where there is hurt. Jesus is our joy and the source of all peace. He is not far away. He is more near then our own breath. Only one thing is lacking – believe He is here, for you are worth it for Him.

Come Holy Spirit convict us to the truth, fill us with your wisdom, help us see Your/Jesus’/God’s presence next to us, and as a result believe.

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