Jesus Visits Martha and Mary

Jesus Visits Martha and Mary


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
Of The Twenty-Seventh Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 10:38-42

We all do love Jesus, and desire to be besides Him in all ways… Yet we find many a times, when we step back and access the way our lives are, that we are the the ones who are trying to make things happen. We see things that have to happen, not happening, and then we try to make them happen, because we do not want things to go wrong etc… But we fail to realise that God is all faithful, and knows when things need to be done, and he has been doing the things rightly in time, when they need to be done. Yet our senses teach us to treat Him like a human being, who has faults and failings. He must have forgotten, I must be the one to stand in the breach and do the needful, this is what we are taught, and that is what we try to do…

One thing is needful, sitting at Jesus’/God’s feet and understanding His heart, getting soaked with it and letting Him take charge of the flow of our lives and the things around, He will always nudge us when our part comes to take the lead, and do our bit. But most of the time we are over anxious on behalf of God… and that ruins things for us and all around…

One thing is needful, let us give up our charade of trying to play God in trying to solve the ills around us. Let us just be the salts of the earth, and the lights around us, we just be us – God’s Children. God’s Children, playing in garden of this world, frolicking, and just being His children, for the world around to see…

The world will see and marvel, because it will see God’s presence in our lives, and desire the same, or oppose the same…

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