Jesus the True Vine

Jesus the True Vine


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
In The Fifth Week Of Easter


John 15: 1-8

Jesus has always given us the right to choose. He respects our free will and waits patiently for us. However the moment we choose, we have also chosen the consequences coming with it.

In today’s gospel, Jesus is inviting us to live the lifestyle of heaven. Whose among us is planning to go to heaven, what have you decided as your profession in heaven? If you are a cook here, then are you planning to be one there too? If you are a teacher, then are you planning to teach there too? If you are a lawyer here, then are you hoping to get some criminal case in heaven? If you are a doctor, then how are you planning to live eternity in heaven when no medical college teaches how to heal or treat a glorified body which we will have in heaven?
If we are planning to live life eternal with God then have you planned what you are go to do for eternity .

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am very happy to break this news to you all that in heaven we are jobless. Our only work will be to give praise and glory to God .Just like any profession we have to decide and choose our vocation and get trained for it, so also Jesus is telling us to start living a life that is nourished and guided by Him so that we know and are ready to Abide in God for eternity.

We look at the rich and famous and envy their luxurious lifestyle. But show me anybody who has taken luxury and wealth beyond death. Aren’t we privileged to be invited to Abide in Christ and let His life run through our bodies, and be both physically and spiritually sustained.

My Dear family in Christ all that Jesus tells us is today to simply stop worrying and running behind what this world puts importance on, and to start training ourselves to live eternity with Him. So if you are a cook then you will cook better with Jesus who we see cooking food for His disciples inspite of being the Lord and master of the table. If you are a teacher then who else will help you be better then Jesus who taught only for three years and we are still learning and benefiting from his Words. If you are a Lawyer who else will teach you to defend then Jesus who pleads our case before the Gather. If you are a doctor then only Jesus can teach you to heal with love and compassion.

Let’s once again surrender ourselves to Jesus, as we decide to live in accordance with His Holy Word and Abide in Him.

Lord , teach us to Abide in you and be faithful to you Word so that we can bear much fruit for you glory. Amen.

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