Jesus The Kingdom of God


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Thirty-Second Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 17:20-25

The kingdom of God is around us and within us. I is closer and available then our own breath. Today’s scripture reading is clarifying our doubts about the distance and place between us and the Kingdom of God. If we are in the mindset that our actions will lead us to heaven or hell then today we need to measure our ownselves regarding where do we stand. Are we living in heaven or do we still need time to travel to heaven. And as we reflect today, let us realise the importance of the Kingdom of Heaven and its presence around and within us. Let us thus proclaim the kingdom of God by opening to all how it is affecting and making us better.

Holy Spirit help us to understand this teaching on the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Specially the distance and place, and we prayer and ask you that we be blessed to grow in your kingdom.

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