Jesus The Good Shepherd And Jesus the Door to Heaven


John 10:10-11


Have you ever seen a shepherd and the sheep following him from morning to night till they reach their resting place. I am sure you have had a chance to get a glimpse of it while travelling in the villages of India or even in the outskirts of Mumbai, like Govandi and Thane, on a busy road full of traffic, not bothered of all that is going around them the flock moves peacefully behind one person with a staff. The sheep just believe and have full trust on their leader who they know will take them safely to their destination.

This is what Jesus is trying to explain to his disciples that if the sheep trusts the shepherd and follow every step, he will be safe. Another point the Evangelist John tries to stress is Jesus is the door and all who enter through Him receive Salvation.

The sheep also need to know their master very closely, understand his way and have a deep inner relationship, so even if he calls from afar, they can hear his voice. Never will a sheep follow a stranger as the sheep are not familiar with the strangers voice, his ways and do not have a relationship of trust with him to protected them from the wolves, who might even eat them. 

Jesus in this passage warns of robbers and thieves who come to steal. He refers probably to the Jewish teachers or to the false prophets who in the past tried to cheat the people of God, to fatten themselves at the cost of the people. And today also we find many such prophets. These are the ones who for their own profits/benefit get a fan following by their false teachings and beliefs.

Only if we know the “Good Shepherd”, that is Jesus and have a close relationship with him will we be able to identify who the thief is who comes to steal our soul and drag us down in this world.

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  1. So true in the current scenario we are experiencing, believe in the Shepherd and you are well taken care off.

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