Jesus Side Is Pierced

Jesus Side Is Pierced


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
after Pentecost

Solemnity: Blessed Virgin Mary – Mother of the Church


John 19: 25b-34

Yesterday we celebrated the fruition of Jesus Ministry’. If it started with His Incarnation – i.e. showing God’s Intention to Identify with Humanity. It reached the enabling point in Jesus’ Suffering, Death and Resurrection at Easter – Where Jesus is the First Fruit of the New Eden, the Place where God walks with Man. This became a reality in the Festival of the Harvest – Pentecost. If Easter was the pledge, Pentecost is the reality of God With Us and In Us. The Time and place of Grace and Fruit – To be signified by the Church. And the Church acknowledge this, but also accepts her brokenness before the Master, and sets as its role model – His Mother, whom He gave us _Mary.

Even as Ordinary Time Resumes, let us acknowledge our brokenness and bow our heads. Do not keep looking at that which you have given the Master (brokenness), but look at His Mother and draw inspiration and imitate her, as she though surrounded by uncertainty, trusted the Master, surrendered to His Will, accepted it and lived her life, every day every moment, asking God to light us her path.

We have the same opportunity like Mary to be Bearers of God, Imitate her!

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