Jesus Heals Many in Simon’s Village


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday Of The First Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 1:29-39

Jesus has recently set shop in Capernaum. He has gathered a small group whom He is instructing and teaching. Peter who has just joined his group, invites Jesus to his home. Peter’s actions are steeped in his encounter of Jesus at the seashore, were he harvested a great many fishes. Jesus probably must have inquired who all stayed in Peter’s home, and there was a mention of his mother-in-law. ‘Where is she?’ Jesus must have inquired, Andrew may have answered, ‘in bed sick…’

When you invite Jesus in your life, He comes not as a guest but the most important person in your life, and he cares for you as such. Jesus does not do much by way of actions to heal her, just takes her by the hand and invites her to get up. She herself must have heard rumours of this new preacher in town, or Peter may have told of the miraculous catch of fish incident, but the important thing is that she has hope and she believes. The fever leaves her and she is up and about – fully in command of herself, she does not hesitate, she must have waited on him like Mary (Martha’s Sister).

Then towards evening she like the Samaritan Woman must have spread the Good News, ‘this New Preacher seems like a true Prophet, even the Messiah.’ And everyone from the village turned up at her doorstep, and Jesus did not turn away anyone…

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you will be able to move mountains. Take your few words of belief in Jesus and whisper them to him. Tell him I want to believe, help my unbelief. Expect him to come in your life as he did in Peters Mother-in-law.

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