Jesus Heals an Official’s Son


John 4:43-54

We must accept The Lord’s presence in Our Life and Not reject Him, but many a times we are blind and we just reject Him. Let us be awake,  be vigilant of the Lord’s presence and his healing around us. In surrender and reverence, pray to Jesus for wellbeing and healing for us and the people around us. The Lord knows our desire, our comfort level, and what troubles us. He can bring healing to us and our household. Just open your Hand, Heart and Mind and ask/seek/knock. Jesus will definitely speak His words of healing and life, just as in this gospel passage where he gives life to this child near death.

Jesus Speaks to us today, but do we have a listening ears? His Word is enough, “Your son will live” and the Child is healed at that very hour. likewise, Jesus’ Word is enough for us today, no process to do, no delay of any sort nor any need to wait for Jesus’ command to become a reality. It is instantaneous. 

Let us experience the power of the Lord , the power of the Holy Spirit and let us experience it for ourselves, our families and the people around.