Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday Of The Twenty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 7:1-10

“..only say the word…”

What marvellous expression of faith. This Centurion was expressing something that he was well acquainted with – i.e. taking orders, and giving orders. Working with orders is quite common in the army, and orders obeyed and executed immediately.

This Centurion, to come to Jesus and to believe Jesus had the power and the ability to heal his servant, required him to have to first observe Jesus and his activities, and possibly he has done so on behalf of the Roman Administration, and there is a change of heart and mind on his part, from that of hostility to that of belief and surety. And when his servant becomes sick, he knows and trusts this Jewish Messiah can heal his servant. But the degree of his faith is astonishing. He realises, Jesus as a Jew cannot come to his house, but he also knows from being part of the army, one does not require to be in the place, where one wishes people obey and do things, when ones gives orders. This further means he has come to regard the authoritative status of Jesus, and also his divineness. “Give the word Lord, and it will come to completion.

Reflect, do you believe in Jesus’ divineness. That he died for you, and walks the earth for you? Let this not be a bookish truth in your life that is good to say in church or read in the Bible. Understand that His Word is Truth, unchanging, uncompromising and always comes to completion, personally as well as socially. Don’t look around you and be hypnotised by the world, what is happening in it, and how things need to change. Jesus has already won the victory, so experience it in your life. Discard the sense of hopelessness and the sense of guilt. Extend your hand and ask Jesus to take your hand in His, and walk with you in the garden of everyday life. Because that is the promise of the Father in raising Jesus up.

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