Jesus Denounces Scribes and Pharisees

Jesus Denounces Scribes and Pharisees


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

In The Second Week In Lent

Matthew 23:1-12

A tree is known by its fruit!

I love Saint John Paul II. An awesome and towering figure for humanity to look and learn from. He has some excellent teachings to his names, but more than anything he was a man of convictions, convictions by which he lived his life. And he lived by them till the last breath of his life. He is someone we can copy and live in imitations. Once he called us all (voicing Paul), imitate him, as he imitated Jesus our Christ. Indeed he is worth imitating and learning from. Jesus voicing such men, asked us to look at the fruit they bore, because fruits never lie, and tell us people who are worth imitating and following like John Paul II and the Apostle Paul.

This Gospel illustrates for us people, similar in position to John Paul II and the Apostle Paul. These taught, guided and instructed others to suit and profit themselves. You can say, they did not walk the talk. There are many such people around us, and we can identify them by their fruits. Jesus does not instruct us to disregard them, but to listen and obey them, for all we know, they may be in the process of Jesus transforming them, and judging them would be premature on our part. Acknowledge their fruit, recognise that even we were like these in some ways. at one time.

I urge you, do not get upset by this process and the path of life, for we need to accept it and move on, knowing God is in full control. What we can do is search those with good fruit, learn from them, and imitate them.

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