Jesus Calls the First Disciples

Jesus Calls the First Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The First Week Of Advent


Matthew 4: 18-22

Have you dropped your net to answer the Call?

When you read the verses it sounds like Jesus is calling them to leave everything and follow Him. But is that what our Lord is really telling them, when he invites them to follow Him? Never mind what you were doing before this moment but now when you are reading the reflection you are called by God to receive the blessing of knowing His Word and then in turn sharing it with others. But wait a minute, whats that question that crossed your mind right now? I WAS NOT CALLED AND HAVE NO NET, SO WHAT SHOULD I LEAVE?

The disciples were simple men who only knew to Fish and the Lord utilised what they had been doing for so many years, before calling them. Jesus did not tell them, “Come and I will help you sow my word” or “Come and you shall build a new kingdom with me”. Instead he told them to come and He would make them Fishers of men.

What have you been doing when Jesus called you? What are you doing now? As today is the day you are called by God. If you are a doctor and have responded to Jesus, the divine healer calls you to help people to heal them spiritually, with the power of the Holy Spirit, through being in a close relationship with Him? If you are a teacher, you care called by Jesus to help all people to know God by studying the Word of God, so that they have meaningful Christ centered lives?If you are a beautician, you are called to help God’s children to see how fearfully they are made and are to help them realise that they are the temple of the living God? This list can go on and on.

My family in Christ, whatever you have been doing was either planned or permitted by God. You only have to be connected with your master to know how to use your gifts and blessings for the Growth of His Kingdom. Like the Apostles, especially St. Andrew whose feast we are celebrating today, let us not delay, but drop our nets IMMEDIATELY, say yes to the Lord and He will only make us better and better, at what we are doing. Allow Him to teach the teacher in you, heal the healer in you, beautify the beautician in you, so that people will seeing your maker, whom you follow.

Lord help me to drop my tiny net and throw the net of your truth, love and mercy to fish for more souls for you Kingdom. Amen

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