Jesus Calls Levi

Jesus Calls Levi

Reflection on the Gospel of the

Saturday After Ash Wednesday

Luke 5:27-32

At the age of 30 Jesus took baptism and started his mission publicly. Jesus predicted his mission and started calling disciples to partake in his mission thus first he called Peter and then he called Levi and followed by remaining 10 disciples. Let’s us reflect on call narrative of Levi.


Levi was a tax collector he collects tax from Jews people and pay to Roman empire. On account of his profession Jews people started hating Levi and treated him as foreigner in his own land.        As per verse Exodus 33:17  “for you have found favor in my sight, and I know you by name” Jesus called him by his name and he instantly responded and left everything and followed Jesus.

Steps taken by Jesus to cleanse  Levi

  1. Jesus personally visited Levi in his tax booth.
  2.  Jesus  gave special invitation to follow him.
  3.  Levi left his old life style and followed Jesus footsteps .
  4. Levi welcomed Jesus in to his home .
  5. Levi as a sign of conversion heart he dine with Jesus.

Jesus is ready to cleanse each of us  through sacrament of reconciliation. Lets us make use of this grace period ie lent season and make Our self cleansed and reunion with Jesus.


Wish you all a happy and fruitful lent season!!!!

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