Jesus Blesses Little Children

Jesus Blesses Little Children


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Nineteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 19: 13-15

Jesus came to this world to establish Gods Kingdom. Everyone can inherit the Kingdom of God, free of cost. There is no restriction or limitation to inherit it, but to inherit you need to belong to. Jesus invites all people to partake in the kingdom of heaven, by belonging to His body. Out of the four gospels, only in Matthew Jesus ministry is shown speaking parables about kingdom of heaven. Many people and disciples believed in Jesus’ teaching and followed him. Many people brought their children to receive blessing from Jesus, however disciples rebuked the people, thinking children to be unimportant. But Jesus encouraged the people to bring children close to Him, and gave them dignity by adding that the Kingdom of heaven belonged to children. Lets us reflect on “Kingdom of heaven belongs to children”

The Kingdom of heaven is a place where there is peace, joy, holiness, love, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness. These are qualities we easily see in children, as they are transparent and always have a smile on their face. There is no anxiety, fear, state of confusion in the heart of children, in all the circumstance they are happy. Children enjoy each moment of life and are never worried about the future, they blindly rely on the security of their parents. Children are pure and holy in heart, where there is holiness there is God, hence Jesus loved and blessed them as there is God’s presence in them.

Yes, friends if we have the quality of children within ourselves, then we are part of God and inherit God’s kingdom of heaven and therefore live happy lives in the world, here and now. Jesus is awaiting to bless each one of us; are we ready to accept this challenges in our daily life and be a blessing for our family, society and nation.

“Without holiness no one can inherit Kingdom of God”


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