Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday Within Easter Octave


John 20: 11-18

In today’s Gospel, take note of the difficulty Mary Magdalene has in recognising the risen Jesus. Was it because of the dim early morning light, her being distracted by the sense of loss or confusion? Doesn’t something similar happen in our own bereavement & disappointments. Mary is crying so much that she cannot see who the man is. She is not listening, so she does not recognize His voice. It is only when Jesus calls her name that she finally hears, sees, and believes.

Picture yourself to be Mary, seeking Jesus in the quiet of the dawn, talking to Jesus, hearing His voice, calling your name. Can you hear Him? Do you have a sense of the depth of His love for you as He calls your name? If yes, then just like for Mary see how Jesus turns your heartache into joy, your misery into delight, your unrest to peace, from the darkness of your unfaith, to partial faith and finally to perfect faith, simply by calling your name. Therefore, as often as we can, may we recognize our name called with love by the one who wants to lead us to life, a RESURRECTED life.

Now Mary receives not just consolation, but a mission by Jesus is entrusted to her ‘Go and tell them!”. She is told to do what every Christian is supposed to do, go and tell the other disciples what she has seen “I have seen the Lord.” Mary here is not just passing on a doctrine, but sharing an experience. That is what, we are all called to do in our own day to day life.

We are all called to be bearers of the Risen Lord, but this is possible only when we see clearly in our own lives how desirous Jesus is to send word, but alas many a times we have deserted Him. He wants us to know that like the disciples, we too are still His brothers and sisters, even after we have messed up. He wants us to know that His Father is still our Father, and that His God is still our God. He wants us to know that we are forgiven, and accepted as we are.

Lord, let us this Easter and all the days forward walk with Easter eyes, bearing witness to Your risen presence in our world that wants less and less of You, Amen!

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