Jesus Appears to His Disciples

Jesus Appears to His Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Within Easter Octave


Luke 24: 35-48

After the Resurrection for 40 days Jesus appeared to his Disciples and others, He made known to them in the breaking of the bread, revealing them that He was the fulfillment of all things promised and prophesied in the OT. He empowered them with understanding of scripture and fellowship. Blessed them with a mission to proclaim all they had witnessed God the Father doing in and through Jesus. Also the Fathers confession of Jesus at numerous times, like at the Baptism and transfiguration. Jesus promised to be with them, always. The disciples and his followers now understood fully all they were taught by Jesus and also understood the necessity of Jesus’ passion and death,

Even today when we discuss scripture, Jesus is present with us, clearing our fears, doubts and concerns. Strengthening us with the power of His Word and bestowing on us gifts, specially like the gift of Peace, the peace that only His presence in us can give. We are healed through his wounds, through Him touching us as He walk alongside us, through life’s journey.

Holy Spirit help me understand and help us grow in your Word. Let me receive your healing and Peace. Give me the grace to share Word and Peace with all.

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