Jesus Again Foretells His Death

Jesus Again Foretells His Death

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Twenty-Fifth Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 9: 43b-45

In Jesus preaching, teaching and healing many people were astonished and followed him. Many were become his disciples and served him as they saw glorious Jesus in Jerusalem among traitor, however Jesus very much clearly explained his mission to his chosen 12 Apostles that his glorification not yet to be happened in Jerusalem (center city of the world in world map). Through suffering (carrying cross) He will be glorified and triumph over all evil and become saviour to entire world.

  As per Roman law crucifixion was a cruel punishment given to the person who committed crime against the Emperor. Person who have gone through this phase of life have never return back, Jesus disciples fail to understand the meaning of suffering (carrying cross). When Jesus passion, death and resurrection took place in Jerusalem they understood the mission carried by Jesus and become his witness throughout the world.

Yes friends, many times we fail to understand suffering happened or happening in our life or around us . Later stage when we understood the meaning or fruit of the suffering we are glad and start sharing the happiness with others

“With out pain there is no gain” 

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