Feeding the Four Thousand

Feeding the Four Thousand


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Fifth Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 8:1-10

Jesus choose 12 Apostles to be with him and later sent them for mission. Apostles witnessed many miracles performed by Jesus. Out all the miracles 2 miracles related to feeding the crowd which shows Jesus’s love and compassion towards helpless and hopeless people. In today’s gospel passage people from long distance followed him to be with him and eagerly listening to his powerful teaching and healing , thus entire crowd stayed with Jesus for 3 days without having food and water. Jesus was compassion on these people and fulfilled their basic necessity.

When Jesus saw the crowd he felt compassion on them and gave food to eat which strengthen them to walk and continue their journey. There is similarity in the miracles with Jesus act of redemption to the entire universe. Let’s see the similarity:

  1. Crowd of people followed Jesus without food and water and Jesus was compassion on them similarly to redeem the sinful world Jesus was compassion on the world.
  2. Jesus took the bread and thanked the God and broke it and distributed to the crowd similarly, Jesus took himself and thanked God for choosing him for this great work and broke him on the cross and brought salvation to the universe.

People were arranged to sit on the ground and disciples distributed the bread and they ate it and continued their journey is linked to Eucharistic celebration. We are all called to dine with Jesus and get enlightened from him and continue our life by bearing witness to him. Let’s make our self free to read the word of God Continuously and nourished by bread ie the body of Christ.

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