Father Stu


Father Stu is based on the true story of a Catholic priest. It is a moving and inspiring faith-based film which traces a young man’s search for meaning and purpose and his transformation from a broken, swearing, alcoholic, atheist with a knack for getting into trouble with the law (in other words, someone no one would ever consider priest-material), into the man God called him to be. With faith and perseverance, even through sufferings and trials, he remains faithful to God and to his calling¬† and touches the lives of many around him. It is a compelling film about second chances and that no one’s beyond God’s redemption.

Woven together beautifully by the amazing, realistic and heart- touching performances of celebrated actors like Mark Wahlberg (who is also the producer of the film), Mel Gibson (the producer and director of the Passion of the Christ and an Oscar-winning director), Jacki Weaver (an Oscar nominee) and the rest of the supporting cast, this movie is emotional, heartbreaking and yet interspersed with some great humourous moments that makes the film quite enjoyable.

Rated “R” i e. Restricted by the Motion Picture Association and A- III – adults by the Catholic News Service due to the use of lot of profanity and some crude and violent scenes, a bloody accident, offscreen premarital sex, etc.,¬† it would not be suitable for children. Parental guidance is advised even for kids under the age of 17. However, the rawness and grittiness make the film authentic and realistic. The movie has done pretty well in theatres worldwide.

This movie shows:

  • God’s love for all, even the most hardened sinners. No one is impossible to save, if they are willing to obey and follow God
  • His redemptive work through the unexplainable sufferings and
  • A priest’s vocation and relationship with God which is above all other relationships
  • That God has a plan for each of us even in all the chaos of our lives
  • Growth and spiritual maturity through suffering

This is definitely worth watching for Mark Wahlberg’s Oscar-worthy portrayal of our titular character. The movie ends with faith- inspiring words from the real Father Stu about the lessons he has learnt through his life journey’s with Jesus. It leaves you with a hopeful feeling. Definitely a MUST- WATCH!!!





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