Exhortation to Watch

Exhortation to Watch


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 21:34-36

Today’s Gospel reading giving us  a warning or alert message to entire world. Through this passage Jesus urge us to be vigilant and pray so, that we may stand  boldly and courageously before the Lord on the day of final judgement . Let’s reflects on word Vigilant and Pray.

During first coming of Jesus,  John the Baptist prepared the people heart to accept the Messiah. Similarly, we should prepare ourselves to meet the Lord our God in his second coming and participate in his banquet.

Preparation for final Banquet with Lord :

  1. Be Holy: As we are all baptized in Christ and very much aware about good and bad around us. When water mixed with milk swan learnt to separate milk from water and drink  only milk similarly, through sacrament of confirmation we received the spirit of discernment which help to deprive us from this wicked world. Constantly pray to the Holy Spirit to make ourselves holy.
  2. Move away from evil doer : During celebration or feast in our family or society we used to keep ourselves and place  neat and tidy in front of our guest. Similarly, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our house hold neat and tidy to participate in the banquet of the Lord on final judgment day. Word of God is a powerful weapon to cleanse our self and our house hold. Word of God changed the life of St. Augustine from sinner to saints hence it should be read daily in our family , through word of God spirit  lead us stay away from wicked people and place.
  3. Keep own self away from filthy : In the name of socialization and modernization so many filthy things happened around us. Eg. God blessed marriage life and joined the couples through sacrament of matrimony but today people are started living disgusting marriage life. Many people enter into homosexual marriage life which is against nature law and filthy in the eyes of god. As a children of god we should respect sacrament of marriage life and keep the covenant forever. Let’s examine our conscience and remove all filthy things within us and stay awaken and continue to examine ourselves.
  4. Righteous life: God was pleased by Noah because he was lived a righteous life among the wicked people. For his righteousness god rewarded him and for his sake God saved his entire family from the destruction of whole world, hence to stand before god with pride one should live a righteous life.

Yes, friends as no one know the hour of son of man going to come in the world. Make ourselves prepared and vigilant to meet our Lord.

Remember the verse Rev 22:12  “See, I am coming soon, my reward is with me, to repay according to everyone’s work”

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