Concerning Treasures and The Sound Eye

Concerning Treasures and The Sound Eye


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Eleventh Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 6: 19-23

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus is contrasting earthly treasures as opposed to heavenly rewards. Earthly treasures are temporary, corruptible and therefore insecure while heavenly treasures are eternal, incorruptible and forever secure. Jesus forbids the selfish accumulation of goods which hinders the needs of the poor. He is not imposing a ban on all possessions, nor is He forbidding us to “stock up” and save in time of famine.

When we put our trust in the praise and recognition of others rather than in God we put our trust in earthly treasures that soon disintegrate. The lasting treasure is the heart centered on God, which cannot be dislodged.

  Jesus is the treasure that fulfills the deepest longings of the human heart. Jesus invites us to believe in the Providence of the Father: if we have his interests at heart, he will look after ours. Treasures in heaven are the blessings of a sincere relationship with God and humankind, which come to those who abide in his word.

Jesus uses light and eye metaphorically: The eye is the lamp of the body. When our eye is sound, our whole body is full of light; but when it is not sound, our whole body is full of darkness. As a lamp, the eye points out the dangers of eyeing the possessions of others, which incites covetous desire. Evil-eyed envy is one of the attitudes that is most destructive. Those with evil or unsound eyes are selfish and full of darkness. Those with sound eyes share their goods with the needy, they are filled with light. 

So if the eye is healthy, that is, if one’s attitude is sincere and open to God’s guidance, then one’s life will have meaning, understanding, and fulfillment. But if the eye is evil, blind to God’s will, then one’s life becomes meaningless and destructive.

Lord Jesus, you are the pearl of great price. Help me always to make you Lord of my life. Help me always to do your will. Amen


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