Concerning Retaliation

Concerning Retaliation


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

In The Eleventh Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 5: 38-42

Many themes in today’s and tomorrows Gospel Readings are ovelapping, so todays reflection will cover those overlapping themes.

Jesus commands us to love one another as He himself loves everyone without distinction, even if they oppose Him or are against Him. As Christians we are commanded to live this command regardless of any situation we may be in, even to the extent of relinquishing all or even unto death. The first Christians understood this, hence they lived this.

But behind this command is a strange need. To explain, let us look at todays society, where good and goodness are being taken for a toss and to use a cricketing term, hit for a six, especially in India. So how do Indian Chistians respond to this excessive aggression, where lives are taken and rights are trampled. There are those who will say, call out the wrong. Others will espouse fight. Others may even cower away in fear. But Jesus says, “Love as I have loved you.” My question would be why? For a simple reason, negativity begets negativity. And an inappropriate response an inappropriate result. At times the ideas and responses may be correct, but they may not come out of love. And if love is not given, it will not spread, and it will not be seen, and therefore people will not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The problem today is that we have sufficiently not been in a relationship with Jesus to realise the power and truth of His Words, and How this self giving action of Love, turns the world upside down. Also know that as Christians, those who seek to persecute us, are also watching our actions, how we Christians will respond, in love or hate, or indifference, or annoyance etc. Because by our actions they will decide if the message of Jesus is true or false.

Come Holy Spirit lead us into all truth and help us build a relationship with Jesus the one Truth of all



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