Concerning Anger


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The First Week In Lent

Matthew 5:20-26

The background of this passage is the Sermon on the Mount or the teaching of the Beatitudes. Jesus is explaining about the attitude that one should have towards his brother. He is encouraging us and giving us, his disciples, a benchmark to follow. 

Murder is definitely a grave wrong and is liable to judgement, but Jesus says even being angry with your brother and calling him names is liable to judgement, as anger only begets anger and moves us away from the greatest commandment of love. 

We may attend many masses, devotions and offer our services in Church but at the same time, harbour grudges and forget about the hurt and damage caused by our actions, our offering is in vain. Jesus says even if our brother/ sister has something against us also, we should first make all attempts to reconcile and only then make our offerings. There is no escape from facing the consequences of our actions, so it is better to reconcile, break the barriers and return back in love.    

What better teaching can we get in this season of Lent…. Realise, Repent and Return!

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