Watchful Slaves


Reflection on the Gospel of the Nineteenth Sunday
In Ordinary Time

Luke 12:32-48

Waiting… It’s something most of us dislike to do. We are a people of instant satisfaction and results. However, men and women of faith are called to be steadfast people who are to wait. But really do we really know when it will all be over? So rather than wait, most of us would rather just enjoy and live according to our will rather than acknowledge God’s will.
We have many masters – career, position, wealth, pleasure and even people who we love and admire or fear. We are enslaved by these masters. But God is not the Master who wants to enslave us. He gives us the freedom to serve him with love. Unfortunately we struggle to love God genuinely and serve him in fear or in anticipation of blessings. Our short sighted view of our relationship with God is like a trade driven relationship. If we do good we should get blessings but when we do something sinful we get a beating.
The important thing to remember is that the Good Master is loving, forgiving but he is also just. So when the time for judgment comes we have to correct the wrongs and receive the rewards for the things that we did right.
The question is, do we really have to entertain a scrupulous conscience? Or should we just live our life according to God’s will now itself and continue to be aware of him working in our lives and in the world.

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