True Disciples, Jesus and Abraham


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

In The Fifth Week In Lent

John 8:31-42

What stands out in this text is verses 31-32, and it gives context and understanding to the rest of the passage. We can say this verse echoes the sentiment of St James where he says, believing is not enough, one to truly/fully believe, needs to live what he believes. In the past few days we have read about believing, but belief is not belief if one does not live those beliefs as real.

Belief is key to opening the door of our lives to Jesus, but then when He comes in, we need to cultivate a relationship with Him. We do this by making and spending time with Him. We may not know the reality of things when we put our trust and belief in Jesus/God. But even as we grow in our relationship with Him, we are given many a understanding, and also come to appreciate God’s Wisdom. One route as to a relationship with Jesus is making our home in God’s Word (v.37b). Jesus also says that those who have a relationship with Him he can tell the secrets which are mentioned in the Father’s presence.

But not every one can attain such a relation. There are those who approach God with a servants attitude and heart, they fail to understand the Father heart of God. Only those who come before God with a sons/daughters attitude/heart, can inherit the riches of God.

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