The Servant is the Least of the Least

The Servant is the Least of the Least


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Fourth Week Of Easter


John 13: 16-20

“..whoever receives one whom I send receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me.”

We are a moving church, we have ministers, councillors, cells, associations, administrators, hierarchy. Under their guidance we keep moving and grow in faith. As a church we respect, listen and walk the path as per their directions we receive from them. Todays scripture calls us to receive whom Jesus sends, do we as leaders and animators do our part fully, and as lay followers do we fully accept our leaders ?

At the core of today’s message is, do we believe – do we believe Jesus’s words in the Bible are true. If so, do we accept His actions of providing us Leaders, correct for us. As Leaders, do we accept the vineyard, God has called us to operate in.

We are called to serve as He served, without any sort of preference or distinction. Therefore in this gospel text, there is Jesus saying I accepted the one who would betray me… How do we see ourselves as messengers? Masters? Disciples?

Holy Spirit help us to discern the path to follow and work the way to work in your vineyard. Re-create/renew our hearts and provide the right spirit/attitude in us, so that we can imitate Jesus in all fullness of humility and acceptance.

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