The Parable of the Wicked Tenants

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Second Week Of Lent


Matthew 21: 33-43, 45-46

The Pharisees were always seeking opportunities to question Jesus’ authority & Jesus responded through parables. The parable of the wicked tenants was a parable directly hinting at the constant scheming by the high priests and the elite Pharisees to put Jesus to death. The wicked tenants represent the Pharisees and high priests, the servants refers to the many prophets who were tasked to spread God’s message, but were ultimately rejected. God then sent his son (Jesus) to continue his mission, but he too would be rejected and put to death.

The question now posed to the Pharisees is what the owner of vineyard would do when he comes back? The reply is obvious that they will face the consequences of their actions and will also be put to death; a warning that the benefits and privileges available to them will be taken away.

We are also called to spread the Kingdom of God and bear fruit or we too will face the consequences of our actions or rather inactions!



Another Reflection on Today’s gospel

This parable is much about God’s Prodigal Love, that he should become incarnate to save us. In a way Jesus is already foretelling his coming death – rejected by the very creation he created. On the other hand it is also challenging us to recognise God’s love for you and me, appreciate Him and make room for Him in our life.

‘The very stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner;
this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes’?

This text so matches the like of Joseph the Patriarch (in today’s first reading) and is paralleled by Jesus in His own life. Both rejected and despised, but both held their faith in God. Lord let not my will but thine be done. Seemingly such great evil was done against both. And we too in our lives look at many things and feel God has betrayed us, left us out in the cold. But take courage, this is the vey thing that is required. How else would Jacob’s family been saved from the terrible tragedy of the famine. And How else would humanity be save from the exile it was in – i.e. away from God. God works in such ways and we do not fully understand the paths he leads us. But our faith should help us see… Since God is Good and all Love, the difficulty of the moment is the blessing for the future.

Come Holy Spirit, guide us, and lead us to all Truth.


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