The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Twenty-First Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 25:1-13

Today’s gospel passage is a part of the Eschatological discourse of Jesus. Through this parable Jesus reminds us about the importance of being prepared. We are so lost in the rat race, the noise of the world that we have no time to stop and introspect. Ultimately, we just have to leave behind all the earthly wealth and  luxuries and when we look back at our lives we may only have regrets.  The five foolish maidens were unprepared for any change of plans and rushed back to get more oil, but they missed the marriage feast. The  five wise maidens on the other hand made a provision for more oil and hence were well prepared to accompany the bridegroom to the marriage feast.

The current pandemic is a very good example of what hit us hard in our faces. The initial phase was just unbelievable – to imagine how the whole world was brought to a stand still! The silence was indeed deafening! But today after more than a year of living through the horror of the pandemic, where every family has faced the untimely loss of a loved one or more, what helped us survive is the selfless sacrifices of medical workers, doctors, volunteers, support of families, friends, church groups etc. The human touch and the fundamental principle of ‘love’ for your fellow human being and respect for human life. 

Jesus  reminds us about our preparedness to enter the Kingdom of heaven with him. What is the oil that we have stocked up for the marriage feast with Jesus?    Reaching out in kindness, building up a close knit  family,  being a good and faithful spouse, helping the sick and the needy, giving time and caring for the  senior citizens of our parish community, spending quiet time in prayer with the Lord….




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