The One Who Comes from Heaven

The One Who Comes from Heaven


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Second Week Of Easter


John 3: 31-36

Todays Gospel is the crowning moment of John 3. In this chapter Jesus is shown speaking to Nicodemus, explaining to him what it means to have New Life. He begins by explaining to Nicodemus, what it means to become Children of God – i.e. one needs to be Born Again. Not in the literal sense, but living sense. If we have gone about life with the understanding given to us about things by our parents and society, we are to discard it, and acquire God’s understand and live by this God Understanding. Next, when we have acquired God’s understanding of things and received convictions about God’s Truth, the next thing to do is Commit to/align with God by professing His Lordship over our life and in our life. This we do by the public act of Baptism.

Then John has inserted a few verses of John the Baptist’s wisdom. And this helps us understand the Gospel in the correct way – Whatever is mine with my earthly influence should decrease, even as I serve-love in God’s Kingdom. And our lives should shine forth and set forth the fragrance of Christ who is now in our life. So people looking at us see only Christ in us.

Now, John 3:16 says, all this is available for the whole world, but first one needs to come, taste for him/her self and believe. And this believing is by making Jesus part of our lives. Only in this way will we bring life to everyone around us…

Come Holy Spirit – help us believe. Amen.

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