The Holy Families Escape To Egypt and Return From Egypt

The Holy Families Escape To Egypt and Return From Egypt


Reflection on the Gospel of the Sixth Day (Friday)
In The Octave of Christmas

Feast: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


Matthew 2: 13-15, 19-23

When a child is born, all attention is directed to this new bundle of joy that has come. Every member of the family makes an effort to reduce the noise around, takes care of their movements, ensures the house is child proof etc.. The holy family also was being extremely sensitive to this new joy of having a special baby, a baby who attracted the visits of shepherds and wise –men and about whom so many prophesies were made. 

Their movement to Bethlehem was to protect baby Jesus and now after birth too, the angel warns Joseph to flee to Egypt as Herod was on a rampage to kill all new born males – a martyrdom of innocents just to fulfil the insecurity and rage of one person. Their ordeal was not over, but the Holy family followed the directions of the angel and went ahead. Their return to Galilee was also to protect the identity of baby Jesus and keep him safe, so that he may fulfil the various prophecies and mainly the plan of his eternal Father. 

This passage brings our various virtues of obedience, being attentive and discerning, sensitive to the needs of others in the family, responsibility, the undying love of parents towards their children and many more. Our Lord if an embodiment of all these virtues and above all ‘Love’ the one commandment that he asks of us is to Love each other as members of one common body ‘Christ’.

As we continue to enjoy this season of Christmas and usher in 2023 with new hopes and aspirations, let’s keep Christ alive in us and be Christ to the other!


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