The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Twentieth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 22:34-40


Jesus always went back to basics in his teachings. The commandment of ‘Love’ is one such foundation on which God created the earth and his most beautiful creation of Man and Woman. Creation which embodies & speaks about God’s deep love for humans and the need for love. He gave us the gift of life, the gift of free will and the ability ‘to love’.

We have often heard the cliché – “you cannot survive on love & fresh air!” but we have seen more than that in our mission areas managed by religious and lay faithful, homes run by Mother Theresa, volunteers who work in Africa, war torn areas etc. What drives them to love, care, reach out selflessly to help a fellow human being and give them a dignified life.

By loving and doing acts of love for people in the parish community, neighbourhood, volunteering for relief woks, we can make a difference and reflect that unconditional and selfless love of our Lord. Let us make that effort to share God’s love.

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