The Grain of Wheat & Fruit

The Grain of Wheat & Fruit


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Eighteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


John 12: 24-26

If any one serves me, he must follow me…

Grain, Wheat, Fruit, Jesus used simple daily used and seen/understood words, to explain his mission and also our service in His kingdom.

We serve the Lord by our involvement in parish and community activities, through cells and associations, at liturgical services, etc. Let us reflect, do we work or are we at service for the greater Glory of the Lord or for are own glory. Are we involved in order to boast about our own selves, or do we serve and follow Jesus to give Him honour, or only serve without any purpose.

Todays scripture reading explains serving words, die to your own self, bear fruit, gain the blessing of eternal life… Let us be vigilant and attentive to Jesus’ this invitation and Blessing and receive in turn the honour our Father bestows upon us.

Let us understand that Jesus’ discipleship is to do with outpouring of our selves unconditionally, for therein lies the secret of true freedom.

Holy Spirit help us to serve and follow You/Jesus.

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