The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

Of The Twelfth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 15:3-7

The evangelist presents 3 parables in chapter 15 with a common theme  ‘the joy of finding what was lost’ The first parable is of a shepherd who has a hundred sheep under his care, and has lost one of them. Being a shepherd, a caretaker, he goes in search of that one lost sheep leaving the ninety-nine behind, till he finds it. 


He rejoices when he finds the sheep and secures it on his shoulder and brings it back to the fold, and celebrates this joy with his neighbors and friends. This shows that every sheep of his flock is precious to the shepherd. He knows his sheep and cares for them, and does not leave them on their own. 

Our loving Father is the shepherd who follows and searches for each of his lost sheep – the infinitely merciful and compassionate God. Even after being repetitive sinners, he welcomes us back. There is rejoicing in heaven with the return of every repentant sinner. 

We thank the Lord for the numerous opportunities he gives us to turn back to him. He makes each one of us feel precious and special and he never leaves us alone. We thank him for his living presence among us. 

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