The Chosen :: Season2 Christmas Special: <i>The Messengers</i>

The Chosen :: Season2 Christmas Special: The Messengers


It is interesting to watch the conversation that could’ve happened between Joseph and Mary when they knew she was with child and Joseph still was betrothed to Mary. Throughout the New Testament Joseph’s words aren’t recorded but his actions are. His obedience to do God’s will, his love to choose to be with Mary and Jesus reveals his loving, tender heart, like the Father’s heart.
Let’s also look at similarities between the two Josephs in the Bible :

  • We may draw a parallel between him and the great Patriarch.
  • As the first Joseph was by the envy of his brothers sold and sent into Egypt, the second Joseph fled into Egypt with Christ to escape the envy of Herod.
  • The chaste Patriarch remained faithful to his master, despite the evil suggestions of his mistress. St. Joseph, recognizing in his wife the Virgin Mother of his Lord, guarded her with the utmost fidelity and chastity.
  • To the Joseph of old was given interpretation of dreams, to the new Joseph a share in the heavenly secrets.
  • His predecessor kept a store of corn, not for himself, but for the whole nation; our Joseph received the Living Bread from heaven, that he might preserve it for his own salvation and that of all the world.
  • St. John Paul II commented on how many events and figures of the Old Testament found their fulfillment in the New Testament
  • With the Incarnation, the “promises” and “figures” of the Old Testament become “reality.”
  • The Joseph of the Old Testament was in many ways preparing the way for the Joseph of the New Testament, both participating in God’s divine plan

The scene of the nativity, the northern lights and the humble stable, this scene captures both the reality, the fear and the love Mary and Joseph must’ve shared while having to witness the birth of our Saviour.



  • Psalm 63: 1
  • Luke 1: 46-56
  • Numbers 6: 24-26


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