The Authority of the Son

The Authority of the Son


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Fourth Week Of Lent


John 5: 17-30

God, Son, and sons Private limited.

Good morning my family in Jesus. If you are not a partner in the above company then all you have earned and achieved is a waste. In today’s gospel, we hear Jesus addressing God as Father, “My Father is still working and I also am working”. The Jews saw God differently. The idea of God being a loving father was blasphemous to them. Here Jesus is not challenging them but is inviting them to a personal relationship with God the Father and with Himself, God the Son. In this company, the Work done by the Father(God) reflected the creativity and productivity of the Son(Jesus). The decisions made and commands given by the Son are considered to be of equal authority and importance as the words of the Father.

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, if God the Father gave His only begotten Son for us, to die on our stead and the Son willingly obeyed the father for the love of us, then what are we waiting for? What is stopping us from belong to this Passionate and Marvellous God who is calling us to live as His sons and daughters? I don’t want to look at the warning given and the consequence for those who choose otherwise. I find the offer more appealing than the consequences. Aren’t we all getting up daily to go to work or an educational institute or do our household chores to belong to someone, to be loved and be loved in return? Can there be a Greater love than God the Father and His Son for us? Is there anyone in your life whom you can claim loves you more than God?

My family in Jesus, let us recommit our lives to the Triune God and be part of their Private Limited Company where all employees are sons and daughters working towards achieving one Goal, bringing all to the fold of God in love and service.

God our Father, May we live life through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and in Your Holy Spirit growing closer to you in love and service. Amen.

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