Peter’s Declaration about Jesus


Matthew 16:13-19


Who do we say Jesus is? Oh some holy man, someone who had a great treasure chest of wisdom, maybe a conman, someone irrelevant today. But only the one who has tried him will know truly, all other statements are opinions from the side line.

Some say that Peter was inspired by God at the moment of his confession regarding Jesus’ godhood and mission (Messiah). Remember before that there is approximately 3 years of living closely with this man, Jesus. He has seen, he has puzzled at Jesus’ words and lifestyle and Jesus has been an enigma of sorts to the disciples. They found Jesus to be someone way different from the regular holy crowd. Jesus had inspired the Apostles, put faith in them, and drawn them to a close relationship with God-Father. Don’t ever forget Jairus’ Daughter, the Transfiguration, the First catch of Fish, when Jesus asked Peter to follow him. Yet as St. Mark’s Gospel points out, the disciples because of their traditional upbringing, could not understand Jesus, time and again. Within this background, it is right to say, Peter’s eyes were opened (just like Paul’s eyes were closed and then opened anew) to the Truth of God. Peter engaged with Jesus the Word become flesh, and Paul engaged with the Law and the Prophets. Both were sincere in their pursuit of God/Truth, though their different ways, and Paul’s path blinded by his bias. Here is when God reveals himself to the one who searches for Truth…

Someone who does not seek truth or has no need of a God, will never understand and comprehend him, because he has shut himself to that possibility. But again God can show mercy to whomsoever he desires, and there is a method in his madness, only thing is that we may not be in a position to full understand and appreciate this. Jesus came not for the Jewish people alone, nor for all those who repented and engaged with God (Christians), but he came for everyone. As Mark 1:14-15 says, Come, come into an experience of me (Jesus), taste for yourself first-hand, and then make the decision whether to stay or depart. In other words, don’t stop at window shopping, go inside and check for your own self, if you are not satisfied, there is no compulsion to remain…

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