Nicodemus Visits Jesus

Nicodemus Visits Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Second Week Of Easter


John 3: 1-8

As you are aware the Pharisees were the very learned Jews and at the same time rigid people.  They knew the scriptures very well and wanted all the Jews to follow them without faltering but they themselves would skip some of the rules.  Nicodemus was one of the Pharisee renowned and famous and was holding an important place in the Synagogue and society.  He too had heard and seen miracles and signs that Jesus was doing and knew that this was not possible by any human efforts but required divine intervention.  

Since Nicodemus did not want to be seen in public, he decides to meet Jesus in the dark and in a place where no Jews would be around.  He must have been in search of God and wanted to see for himself and experience and confirm that Jesus is the Messiah whom the Jews were waiting for. 

During his meeting with Jesus, his intellectual mind could not digest any thing that Jesus told him as he did not know the Holy Spirit then and what it is to be born again in the Spirit and so Jesus was not able to give him more insights on his work on earth and about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Surely Nicodemus left Jesus that day sad as we see that he did not join Jesus in his ministry because of age and the high esteem and position he was holding in the society and also because he could not give up his social status.

But later, we see him, coming to Jesus during daylight at the cross, helping get the body of Jesus.  This proves that Nicodemus silently followed Jesus and his teachings and finally strips off his social status and comes openly in public.

Let us reflect on our own lives and see where do we stand today.  Are we ashamed to speak about Jesus, to proclaim his name to everyone whom we meet in our daily lives who are yet to know who Jesus really is.  Let us pray to Jesus to fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we gain courage and strength to continue in our faith and speak out openly to all in the light.

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