Messengers from John the Baptist & Jesus Praises John the Baptist

Messengers from John the Baptist & Jesus Praises John the Baptist


Reflection on the Gospel of the Third Sunday Of Advent


Matthew 11: 2-11

John the Baptist received the highest honour to be the Messenger to the coming of the King. This is indeed great honour, and this is what Jesus says/refers to, in honouring the Baptist.

But the Baptist’s Disciples came to Jesus with a question from him – Are you the One? Are you the Anointed One? the One to Come, the Messiah? Why this question, after pointing to Jesus to these very disciples and identifying Jesus as the Lamb of God – Who will take away the sin of the World. This basically stems from the Message that both preached. Both preached the coming of the time when God would fulfill His promises. Basically the same message, but both giving precedence and importance to different aspects.

John Preached; ‘Prepare yourselves – The Messiah is around the corner – He is coming..”

Jesus Preached; ‘The Kingdom (God) is here, come and tase it for yourselves – then make the choice and prepare yourselves.”

Jesus did not come with political ambition nor did he openly identify himself as the Messiah. he was more concerned with genuine response to God and the hope he was bringing humankind.

Jesus answer for John is also his answer for us, ‘Do not seek signs, look at the fruit, take note, and you will see the Kingdom is flourishing in the midst of humanity. Take Hope and follow me…’

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