Marys Song of Praise

Marys Song of Praise


Reflection on the Gospel of the
Tuesday in the Nineteenth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 1: 39-56

Today, on the feast of the Assumption, what stand out is the faith and humility of Mary not in herself, but in the Lord. Mary is his mother through her faith, before she is his mother physically, says St Augustine. How could Mary ever say ‘Yes’ without her tremendous faith in God, fully knowing that it was an unknown journey, but the Lord is there for her. Let us ask our Lord for a faith like that of Mary’s, to answer the Lord’s call with an exultant “Yes” secure in the knowledge that as we move into the unknown our ongoing journey will be made radiant by His presence.

The next thing that stands out is the humility of Mary. There is no false humility in Mary’s Magnificat. There is the true humility of knowing that all that is being accomplished in her is being accomplished by God, “for the Mighty One has done great things for me”. Mary makes no effort to minimise this greatness or takes no credit for carry in her womb the Saviour of the world. She accepts it – fully, joyfully and expectantly. Her great song of praise is a glorious expression of Mary’s hope.

Mary rejoiced because God had looked upon her. Let us too rejoice that God has looked upon us. Think of the gifts received, beginning with the first and greatest gift of His salvation for each one of us.

And last but not the least in today’s visitation Mary was carrying God within her and they brought joy to Elizabeth and John within her. Every time we meet another person, let us remember to bring God to each other, let us also bring joy.

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