Jesus Cures a Blind Man at Bethsaida


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday Of The Sixth Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 8:22-26

Just as in the case of the Paralysed Man, who was brought to Jesus by family and friends, this blind man too is brought to him by acquaintances who believed in Jesus. We are not told anything about his own faith in Jesus. But then responding to the faith of those who brought this blind man, intervenes in his life. At first he cannot see things clearly, but he must have realised that something great was happening for him, cause where he could see nothing, he now sees people as trees. His own faith and desire must have started at this moment, and Jesus finally restores him his full eyesight.

so very often this is the case in our own lives or in the lives of those around us. In round one God intervenes and comes visiting and healing, but because of our own lack of understanding and faith, we only receive partial healing. But Jesus persists and we notice the graces flowing in our lives, then we open up more fully to Jesus and respond to Him fully. This is when we experience the miracle of being able to see with our heart, for who he truly is. Pray then that we see and experience Jesus truly and fully, here and now.

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