Jesus Calls the First Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Twenty-Second Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 5:1-11

Lord your one word is enough…

Here we see Jesus proclaiming and teaching the Word. Peter at this moment is not Jesus’ Disciple. Jesus’ effective words are the true miracle, more so than the catch of the fish. This must be true, otherwise it is difficult to understand a experienced fisherman who toiled through the whole night (probably the best time to fish), and then listening to Jesus to cast his net at this time of the day. Peters address to Jesus from Master to Lord shows us the transformation of thought and heart that has taken place, a bigger miracle that the catch of fish, Peter falls down on his knees and acknowledges himself as a sinner before Jesus is witness to the Power and Grace in Jesus’ words. Peter out of respect from listening to the words Jesus had preached listened to Jesus, he hoped, and lowered his Net. The blessing he received was  not only the great shoal of fish, but faith as that of a rock. Jesus affirms this by prophesying his future ministry and mandate he would receive from God. The key to this was always going to be faith and to follow Jesus, towards which this was but the first step.

In our lives we have experienced many miracles as a result of God’s Word and we are called to respond equally like Peter, we too are called by name to follow him to be fishers of men. Holy Spirit help me on this journey of discipleship.

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