Jesus Begins His Ministry in Galilee


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday After Epiphany

Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25

Mathew stresses on the focus of Jesus’ to start his ministry at the chosen time.  Jesus does not waste any time after he returns from his 40 days of fasting and prayer and sending away Satan after being tempted thrice.  Even the news of John’s arrest does not deter Him from starting his Ministry.  Jesus being brought up in Nazareth, choses the places closer to the place he was last as in those days the means of transport was only by horse or donkey and this too only the rich could afford and Jesus being from an average family would rather not use this facility.  He also must have preferred to walk as he could cover and meet more people to preach the word of God.

As Mathew being Jew himself and was writing for the Jews, he refers to the promise made in Isaiah Chapter 9 vs 1 that there would be a time soon when the gloom and sadness which has come in the territory of Zeb′ulun and Naph′tali would be taken away and the light would dawn in the darkness and be filled with joy and rejoicing. He wanted to prove to the Jews that Jesus is the one of whom it is written in the Scriptures, their Messiah.

Jesus takes on the message of John the Baptist as he was arrested and continues to preach repentance and does mighty works of healing and preaching about the kingdom of heaven in their synagogues around this area.  By this He becomes known and famous and many start following him and bringing him the sick with different types of diseases, the crippled and also demoniacs to be healed and delivered.

As we have just at the close of Christmas season with the visit of the Magi, let us not waste any time and continue the work Jesus has chosen us to do, to proclaim the good news as it is the best time as all around the world we see most of people irrespective of religion celebrate Christmas and are willing to know about the King who is born to save the world and know about his kingdom in heaven.

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