Jesus and Thomas

Jesus and Thomas


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Thirteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


John 20: 24-29

There is nothing that Jesus cannot turn to gold, even your doubts. If you do have doubts about the Christian Faith, ideally it means that you have an analytical of logical way of looking at things around you. In the process you find that somethings don’t work for you. To deride/put down such an attitude means that those who do so are sheep with blindfolds. Faith means convictions born from a personal experience, and to deny anyone any experience, means to stop the process of faith. These deniers can be likened to the birds that came and ate the seed that fell on the path (Parable of the Sower). And yet if the person who doubts his faith can also go wrong; if he lives in his doubts and does nothing to confirm them. To confirm here means to go to the root/the source of the doubt, in our case to Jesus himself. And when you go to Jesus and engage Him with your doubts, you will see a relationship unfolding between Jesus and you. Your doubts will evaporate and you will see the truth before you, as it was meant to be.

You may not have “doubts, doubts,” but learn to approach Jesus each day and pour your thoughts and feelings to Him. And even as you learn to do this, Jesus will help you see and understand the truth.

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