Jesus’ and Our Mother

Jesus’ and Our Mother


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

Of The Tenth Week In Ordinary Time

(Mary Mother of the Church)

John 19:25b-34

This passage is packed of number of events.  Let’s take it point wise:  

  1. The three Mary’s who were close to Jesus, his mother Mary, his mother’s sister (her cousin as Mary was the only child as no two siblings are given same name) and Mary Magdalene.  These women remained faithful till the end.  It’s also mentioned that the disciple John whom Jesus loved was at the Cross, as he was the only apostle who came back and joined the women at the cross.  These women and John were there because their fear of being caught and persecuted was not there anymore. They were willing to live and die for Jesus.

  2. Next, we see here the new relation being born.  Jesus hands over his mother, who took care of him from his conception to John and to Mother Mary his new son John.  The disciple John represents all of us, all believers who follow Jesus. Mother Mary immediately takes charge and she is the one to keep the disciples united and helps them to pray as they were all filled with fear as they lacked direction after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension till the Holy Spirit descends on them on the day of Pentecost.  Jesus gave his mother to be our mother for eternity, to whom we can relate, and go to her when in need as we know that Jesus grants her all that she asks for, as seen at the wedding at Cana.

  3. John must have referred to the fourth cup of wine that Jesus skipped during the Passover meal and said that he will take in his Father’s house when he said “I thirst” and then “It is finished” which means he has accomplished the task given by his Father.

  4. Lastly even after his death, his mercy flowed till the last drop of water and blood came out when the soldier pierced his body to confirm that he is dead.

Let us pray to Jesus to give us the grace to remain faithful to him till our last breath and give Mother Mary her due respect and accept her as our mother.  We pray that we join our Mother Mary to help build the church and bring unity within our Church.

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