Jesus And Nathanael

Jesus And Nathanael

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Twenty-Sixth Week In Ordinary Time(Feast of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel & Raphael))


John 1:47-51

Here is truly an Israelite in whom there is no deceit!

Jesus knows each and everyone of us, in our low and high phases of life, there is nothing hidden from Him. Most of the event’s and challenges in our life help us by giving guidance, direction etc. They open for us opportunities to change our ways for the better, but we need to attentive and listen to the voice of God speaking to us from them. Be alert and even accept help given by angels and guardians through these events.

Nathanael gracefully accepted this help and was ready for change. His faith helped him to brought him praise him from Jesus.

Like Philip we are called to do small things in the kingdom of God and leave it to the Lord to do the rest. Our small efforts to bring or direct people to the Lord is in itself a special calling in the Lords vineyard. This will help them to praise and glorify the Lord like Nathanael which probably is their main or deep desires and are waiting like Nathanael. Our small initiative of bringing people individuals like Nathanael to God  will help them to see greater glories of God.

Holy Spirit help us, guide and protect us from all that is not of thy kingdom. Help and Bless us in our small works in your kingdom.

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